Welcome to my place, my purpose is to create a supportive environment. To create new landscapes through new mindscapes, new ways of thinking, doing and being. To provide a place where like minded fellow travelers can pause, get some useful information and some spiritual sustenance before continuing on their way. "Don't die with the music in you"
Disclaimer. The information on this website is being shared by Bill Hill with the aim of being a signpost to information and concepts for the reader who seeks more information on the subject matter discussed. There are things we know we know, things we don't know we know and things that we don't know we don't know. With that in mind please read this information with objectivity, study the references where supplied and make your own judgements on its validity to your own specific needs. Much of the information supplied is in the form of essays, the opinions are my own. My interests are diverse and I hope you enjoy the depth and breadth of the subjects explored and shared.


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